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Bill Walls on February 26, 2013

How To Use Facebook For Business

How To Use Facebook For Business

Lead Generation

How To Use Facebook For Business

Even as Facebook has become an ever-present figure in daily life, some businesses continue to resist the social media platform. Whether because they're intimidated or because they still believe Facebook is a passing fad, those businesses have chosen to sit on the sidelines while their competitors establish a larger online following.

Now, almost a decade after Facebook was founded, it's become clear that the online titan isn't going anywhere. And as it continues to roll out features that increase its value to businesses of all sizes, it's critical that businesses take the jump -- however unnerving -- and create a presence on social media. Facebook has evolved considerably from a network of college students to one accessible to Internet users of any age. Regardless of your target consumer base, you can find them on Facebook, and with a little diligence you can make this social media work for you. See if your Facebook business page is up to snuff with this handy checklist.

But as valuable as Facebook is for large organizations, it can prove even more useful to small- and medium-sized businesses trying to capture a larger slice of their market. facebook_for_business

Leveling the playing field with larger competitors

In the past, smaller businesses couldn't keep pace with deep-pocketed corporations in trying to reach customers in remote or distant locations. Facebook makes connecting with those target consumers a much more realistic goal for businesses. By correctly implementing a Facebook page for your business, you can expand your presence beyond a physical location, essentially setting up shop on one of the world's largest and most heavily trafficked websites.

On Facebook, it isn't the financial inequities that separate organizations as much as it is the ability to efficiently and effectively manage a business page. With a little guidance and training, even novice Internet users can learn how to use Facebook for business leads and, in the end, increased revenues.

Creating worthwhile content

The single-most important variable in creating a successful Facebook page is creating useful, interesting content. This is a two-fold process that relates, ultimately, to how well you can engage your target consumers. For starters, you will want to create Facebook posts -- the central method of content creation -- that speak to the needs and wants of your customers. And when you write these posts, you will want to attach to them a link directing users to an external Web page.

Naturally, you want that Web page to be hosted on your website. The ideal situation is writing a compelling Facebook post that leads online users to a landing page expounding on the topic addressed on Facebook. This chain of content essentially serves as an avenue for lead generation, giving you to opportunity to convert referrals and expand your revenue streams.

Be interactive and engaging

In addition to creating strong content, you also want to interact with your consumers. Build a relationship through your Facebook page by "Liking" their comments, responding to their posts, and facilitating an ongoing conversation on your page.

Ultimately, the combination of a strong business-to-customer or business-to-business relationship with compelling, original content should ideally encourage your Facebook following to share your original content on their own social media profiles. Known as "social shares," this content distribution is one of the most sought-after forms of marketing because it can spread organically, and at virtually no cost to your business. It can also generate your business leads and provide an additional SEO boost. All of your content should be created with this end goal in mind. The businesses that can create content appealing to their consumers and followers -- regardless of the size of those companies -- will be the ones to truly master how to use Facebook for business.

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